I am inspired by open, free time, and a warm sunny day, preferably with a light breeze.  The work desk in my studio overlooks our front yard, where an elm tree's leaves dance in the wind.  When I can avert my eyes from that mesmerizing image, I glance down at my beads with renewed energy and set to create!

The Bible says that God's priority was to create.  If we are created in God's image, then we are creators as well.  Even if you don't consider yourself artsy, you are a creator.  Maybe you created children.  Maybe you created a good meal for dinner.  Maybe you created a little tune you like to hum.  And creators love creations, so hopefully you will appreciate mine!

My creativity is fed by just about anything:  pretty music; nice weather;  gorgeous beads saturated with color; pristine white pearls; vacations; not enough vacations; talking with friends; missing friends; lunch with my daughter; laughter with my son; foot rubs, etc. from my hubby.  I find that I "get in the zone" when I create; you know, kind of a parallel universe where time evaporates-- as well as hunger, thirst, the ringing of a telephone, the nagging feeling that it's time to make dinner or clean a closet.  Even dust disappears for that moment in time, and I am driven to create until I feel satiated.  Sometimes it takes minutes, but usually hours.  And it would last for days if I am not careful to keep it in check.

There's a story behind each of my pieces, a reason for its creation--it's not enough for me to just slap beads together and be done with it!   I'm planning to create this website differently from most art websites (which provide the necessary info on the artwork like size, material, cost, etc.).  I'm attempting to create a site where you can shop, laugh, cry and be inspired.  This will take more time to build than an average site, but you, my reader and friend, are worth it!  It will include little stories and inspirations on many of the pieces I've made.  Hopefully you'll be treated with that warm and fuzzy feeling when remembering the story of the jewelry you wear.  You will if that jewelry is by Beadonna.  ;)

You'll find that my jewelry draws attention, because it is different.  Your onlooker will just know that it was not purchased at a department store, albeit a fine store.  The piece will not only enhance your beauty, but will actually be a fun conversational item as you share the story of how or why it was created.  So this serves a dual purpose: accessorizing your outfit as well as being an "ice-breaker".  If your friends are a bit envious that your jewelry comes with a provenance, perhaps you'll point them to my website-- because they deserve to own jewelry-with-a-story, too!

Thank you for visiting my website.  Please view it with an open mind, and open heart, as well as an open wallet!  Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention?... that open-wallet thing feeds my creativity, too!  And I know you want to do your part to allow creativity to thrive!   :)

Have fun!  As you can see, I am!