Pink Floralscape Earrings

Even though we are strong women, we like to play up our feminine side a bit. These earrings fit the bill! Lovely sterling silver filigree hearts drip delicate pearls like warm weather dew-drops. (Do you have any idea how long it takes to get those wee little pearls into the center of these hearts?) And then the prize is the lovely hand-carved conch shell rose at the bottom. My guess is that you'll be the *only one you know* who has conch shell roses! They are very difficult to find, and you'll have two of them!

These earrings will sway as you gently turn your head, and you'll feel as though you are wearing a bit of early Summer, no matter what season it is.
They do not SHOUT;
they will whisper, "beauty".

(I made them with lever-back earring components, however I can swap those out for the wire "fish-hook" style if you prefer.)