Earth Girl

OK, youve had it with all this frou-frou stuff. This just isnt you!

This necklace is for you!

You are the type of girl who is more comfortable in jeans than in heels. You recycle. You garden. Youd rather eat organic food than processed Cheese Puffs.
You know that compost is not cyber-lingo for writing a post on a computer webpage.
Putting on gobs of makeup is a waste of time youd rather spend your time outside taking a hike on this beautiful day!

Put on your cargo pants, pull your sweater over your head and pop on this necklace which makes you feel connected to the Earth.
Its made with rectangles of Tree Jasper interspersed with Labradorite stone nuggets that have been tumbled smooth.
Tiny sterling leaves and flower buds peek out by the center stone, and the necklace fastens together with a sterling leaf-shaped clasp. Tree jasper, flowers, and leavesperfect for the outdoor girl!
It feels like youre wearing a snippet from the Amazon rainforest close to your heart (but a carefully pruned snippet that will only yield additional lush forestation!!).

Now toss on your jacket and explore the world from the top of that mountain
or from your Harley.

Because theres a whole world for you to explore and youre not going to waste it! Youre free, uninhibited, fresh and courageous.
Youre a tomboy, an earthy girl.

At least you are today!