Amazonite lariat

Imagine that Johnny Depp just told you that you could dive into his pirate's treasure chest and remove as many beads as your scooped hands could carry!
OOh, say no more! Of course you would put those hands together to form a make-shift shovel and dive in!
And what did you retrieve?

Oodles of lovely green Amazonite from Madagascar. Pearls in so many shapes and sizes from the orient! A sweet sterling tassel from Turkey, and sterling dangling roses from Indonesia. And tiny glass beads and turquoise.
You peel off with your bounty, realizing that you just lost your chance to sail with him on the Black Pearl.
Oh well.

The bounty is made into one long strand, each bead more beautiful than the one before, and ended with those darling Indonesian silver roses.

And you have an accessory that can be used in so many ways!

You can loop it around your neck, allowing the remaining strands to hang. You can knot those strands if you choose for a double strand-necklace look.

You can loop it around your neck three times like a torsade, and knot or tuck the ends into the back. Or do the same in the front, weaving the ends through the strands to peek out.

You can wrap it around your wrist several times and knot to make a knock-out bracelet!

You can fold it in half and wrap it around your waist and knot it for a belt to spruce up that little black dress!

Or you could attach a life-preserver to it and toss it out to Captain Jack Sparrow and see if he'll abandon that Black Pearl. But so what, even if he doesn't, you'll have quite the souvenir!