Crystals in Lava

Speaking of thoughtful, a lovely young lady requested that I design a set with black stones, specially made for her mom. Her mom is trendy, fun, funky and fashionable. The daughter requested a set that would echo those attributes, and then gave me free reign to design away! (I did have a budget and did a pretty good job of keeping within that budget!)

I present to you the end result!

OK, can you guess what the large, black stones are? Look closely. Lava stones! Yes, as in volcanoes! I also used large, open-work sterling-silver chain and freshwater pearls in an asymmetrical design that does not look too imbalanced or crazy. (There you gobalanced asymmetry. Lets see you try to define that one!)

Please pay special attention to the centerpiece pendant as well as to the black lava stones dripping from the earrings. Are thoseencrusted with Swarovski crystals?! Why yes, you guessed correctly! How fun is that? (And good luck finding these elsewhere because they are somewhat difficult to locate.)

What a totally cool daughter to present this type of gift! I guess that thoughtful people travel together in the same circles. (She happens to be a friend of my daughters!)

Im thrilled that your mom liked it, Kristin!