I have a dear friend who typifies the word "thoughtful". She was wearing a piece of Beadonna jewelry she had purchased, and her mother-in-law admired it. My friend made a mental note of that. She knew her mother-in-law had never owned a custom, commissioned set of jewelry, and she wanted to pamper her in that way!

My friend requested a set that was not "too funky," was "timeless" and mainly in black. She wanted feminine, but not too fussy. After that, she gave me free reign with my design!
This is the result! Butterflies flit amongst sterling silver, and the necklace contains "black stone" as well as onyx beads. I attached easy-to-use magnetic clasps that would be gentle on arthritic hands. Her mother-in-law loved the set (yeah!), but I'm sure she appreciated being blessed with a fabulous daughter-in-law even more!

Let your loved one know that you appreciate her enough to have a piece designed specifically for them. Please contact me, and I'll help you to make that happen!