Crystal Water Gown, or <br>"Bottle Bling"

Years ago, it was a sign of affluence to sip your beverage out of crystal. Brides would request fine crystal as wedding gifts, which could cost even one hundred dollars per stem! But what elegance! And drinks do seem to be more refreshing when you're holding crystal!

How ironic that now it is seemingly affluent (albeit quite convenient!) to sip water from plastic water bottles. And there you are, in your expensive dress--holding, well...plastic. Rock stars on stage, wearing costumes that cost thousands of dollars, drinking from plastic. World leaders attending important summit meetings, drinking from plastic. For some reason, we've traded class and style for convenience. How did we allow that to happen? Can't form co-exist with function? The solution:
My invention.
(At least I haven't seen anything similar before.) A removable crystal gown that you slip over your water bottle, disguising that plastic and allowing elegance to thrive.

I hand-stitched together over 800 genuine Swarovski crystals to a perforated, somewhat-water-absorbent base. You gently slip your water bottle into this gown, and your bottle instantly transforms into what looks to be a hand-cut and faceted vessel. (There is a bit of a stretch to the finished product, and it will cling to your bottle.) And now your beautiful dress and elegant shoes are in good company, and you can quench your thirst in beauty, style and sophistication. When your drink is done, carefully remove the gown/sleeve and tuck it into your purse for later use.

Here's quite the incentive to consume your 64 oz. a day!

I've carried my bottle in a Water Gown even when I'm not in elegant attire. I've carried it when wandering through art shows, carried it to outdoor concerts, carried it whenever I was in the mood to feel pampered. And, ooh, the feel of holding crystal!

Each gown takes hours to stitch. And even one Swarovski animal decoration (in those curio cabinets at gift shops) can cost in the hundreds. So I barely break even at my price of $350.

What a gift for the person "who has everything" or is "difficult to buy for". And you know you've spent more on clothing or accessories that may have been used only a few times! This will be used repeatedly!!

The Crystal Water Gown will be a gift to remember, and she'll applaud you for your ingenuity and generous pampering!

(Gowns can be made in clear crystal to "go with anything," or color coordinated to that special outfit. For fun, request colors to match your favorite Sport teams, or school colors.)
Different sizes/shapes available to accommodate your favorite brand of water.