Pink Floralscape Necklace

I was always fascinated by watches. All those tiny gears! How could they all fit inside the case, and then work to make the watch accurately tell time?

Now imagine that you dumped out all those pieces/parts, and replaced them with seeds. You sprinkled a wee bit of water on them. Then what would happen?

A tiny garden of flowers would spring forth, but of course!
How delightful!

Gorgeous pink carved flowers (The rose is carved from a Conch Shell ! You know, the shell that looks like a horn!), baby pearls laced with fine sterling silver thread and miniscule glass beads. And the necklace portion? Hand-linked chain made from freshwater pearls, conch-shell beads, and delicate silver-plated roses.

Pair this with a lace blouse or a finely-knit cashmere sweater.
Yes, clunky jewelry is currently in style. But let the world know that femininity NEVER goes out of style, and this necklace is

And only we know the secret about how this was made: the missing gears replaced with seeds.
I won't tell if you don't!