Purity Pearl Bracelet #1

So, you had a beautiful baby girl about 12-16 years ago. Do you remember that joy that overcame you? How her new, fresh skin smelled? Her impish smile? The emotion that overtook you--oh my! All you knew is that you would do anything to protect her and ensure her happiness!

Fast forward 12-16 years. What, now she's interested in boys? "Group" dating? (Dating as a couple?) Will she make proper choices? Will she date guys who will treat her the way she *should* be treated? The way she *deserves* to be treated? The way you want her to be treated?

Up until now, she was a child. She wore jewelry purchased from big box stores that fell apart a week after she bought it. She's growing up now and is a young woman, and the sooner you realize it, the better! Surprise her with her first grown-up piece of jewelry, that's made with genuine freshwater pearls and sterling silver. Close to the clasp dangles a darling pair of charms: A heart with a key-hole and its accompanying key. Gently wrap it around her wrist, and remind her that her parents love her and trust that she'll make wise decisions with her life. Ask her to glance down at the bracelet and to remember that you respect her--that she should respect herself!--and should insist that her boyfriend does as well.
Because one day, there will be that one-and-only guy who will "hold the key to her heart".
Ask her to call you, no questions asked, if she feels things are getting...well... out-of-hand. You'll come to get her with hugs and no lectures--only praise for not succumbing to peer pressure!

Give her a kiss on the cheek.

Confidently smile.
Tell her to have fun!

And remind her to be home by 11.

Now pray.

Go watch tv.

And wait.