Go to/Go with Bracelets

My private jewelry collection contains a few of these bracelets. They are staples; "go-to" bracelets. I keep a pair in a little jewelry tray nearby for quick access, especially for those days when I've forgotten to put on any jewelry and need to run out the door quickly. (What, no accessories? Moi?)

These are perfect for those of you who are beginning your artisan jewelry collection; gateway bracelets, so-to-speak. Their versatility is unparalleled because they "go with" just about anything you're wearing. They are a classic investment! (I mean, c'mon, how long have chains and pearls been around? Forever?!) They're also wonderful for more seasoned Artisan jewelry owners/wearers. You can wear these alone, or to augment the other jewelry you have on.

Those of you who do not own Artisan jewelry may quietly wonder, "Why so pricey?", yet are too polite to ask. So here's my little Economics tutorial on costs.

Bracelet #1: Faceted freshwater pearls. Faceted, as in diamonds-are-faceted! (Not plastic pearls or hollow beads--but PEARLS!) Stacks of .925 sterling silver beads (not base metal, not plated metal, but sterling); design time; work, Work, WORK!

Bracelet #2: Sterling-silver chain made with little sterling silver circles/hoops. This chain is not machine-made. I sat there amongst piles of these little loops, opened and closed them with my pliers until I was cross-eyed, but a gorgeous chain was born. Now, how many of your friends own a hand-made chain? And as a bonus, I added tiny glass beads to many of the little loops for that designer touch!

Buy one. Buy them both. And welcome (or welcome back!) to the world of Artisan Jewelry!

Price is per each.