Ohio Sunrise

A Fairy Tale
by Beadonna

Once upon a time, there was a necklace made from clear beads. It resided in a far-away place (except to Ohioans) known as Cleveland. This land is infamous for its losing sports teams, and its brutally cold winters. The clear-stoned necklace seemed washed-out when worn on a snowy, sub-zero day, and the round clear center stone virtually evaporated in the thin air. The necklace was blah.
Just blah!
Then out of nowhere, a burst of sunshine sprung forth! What? Sunshine in Cleveland in the Winter? How can it be? The rays of the sun hit the necklace like lightning bolts, and the beads came to life in warm golden hues! The clear center stone morphed into Citrine, carved in the shape of the sun! And a hand-forged, 14kt gold-filled clasp emerged so this gift from the sun could remain around your neck. The beads seemingly danced, and will do so as it encircles you.
Now the necklace is happy, filled with golden glass beads in a design that was stitched using two needles simultaneously. And the center Citrine sun-shaped stone is encircled with tiny 24Kt gold-plated beads.

And from thence-forth, Cleveland only had sunny days.
And winning teams!

The end.

(With apologies to my sister who is a College English teacher and a librarian--and knows what good fiction is and is not. And this obviously is the latter. Sorry, I'm the artsy one, remember?)

Most of this fairy tale is fictitious (no kidding!), but the materials used are true and genuine.

And the part about the winning teams? Well we do have LeBron and the Cavs...

Necklace will be sold with the coordinating earrings.

Price: $150/