Moukaite, Mate

Moukaite. Mookite. Moukite. Mookaite. I'm convinced that there is no correct way to spell the name of this Australian stone. Go ahead, Goggle it! I'm guessing you'll even find additional spellings! Your Moukaite bracelet is part of the Inspired by Sting line. The vocal artist, Sting (as well as many other artists, I'm sure) often does something very unusual with his songs. They begin one way, and then seem to abruptly, completely change into a new song, with a different tempo. You are surprised--and it's fun! This bracelet style is a tribute to that. You are treated to darling, paired moukaite stones (which are carved in the shape of tulips) on the top of the bracelet. The tune of the bracelet surprisingly changes to a soft twist made from tiny glass beads--hand stitched into this delicate twist by me! (This takes much more time than the traditional bead-strung bracelet, hence is a bit pricier.) Your bracelet also includes warm copper components and a clasp that I hand-forged, specially for you. What, no earrings? A pair can be made to complement the bracelet, if desired. Just ask.