"Monet's Roses" bracelet

It is a warm, Spring day, and you are roaming through Claude Monets garden. You cant restrain yourself; you MUST bend over to sniff that rose! Oh, how you want to pluck it and save it forever! But a charming garden table awaits you. It is spread with antique dishes overflowing with tea sandwiches, croissants and Madeleine pastries. You nibble upon these, all the while gazing at those roses. (Calories dont count in France. At least not in OUR daydream!) I travelled to France many years ago. (Yes, much more recently than during Monets life-time, thanks for asking!) Its a memory that will last a life-time, and now I can share it with you! Place these Monet Roses lampworked beads around your wrist. Your bracelet also includes hand-carved Rhodonite roses, as well as silver-plated and .925 sterling roses and clasp. Now close your eyes.
Take a deep breath.
You are there.