Vistaite Vista

Vistaite is a jasper which hails from Oregon, and has gorgeous turquoise and tan coloring. I love the autobiographical nature of this particular stone! Vistaite is a coveted stone, with lovely splotches of turquoise and tan. But this stone is extremely special! It appears to have mountains as, if it's showing an onlooker a picture of its home. Autobiographical! Go ahead, do a Google Image search: I doubt that you will find a more beautiful cut of vistaite than what is in my bracelet!

I was so impressed by this stone, I wanted to do it justice! I bead embroidered the remaining of the scene as I imagined it: it's neighboring mountains in the range, the cloud-dotted turquoise sky, random areas of greenery that have sprung up in patches.



I lined the cuff in a suede-like material, so it is oh-so-soft to wear.

This bracelet is not merely adornment--it is a glimpse of our "Wild West".