When I first saw this cabochon I laughed out loud! It had such a wild look to it, and I wondered if I could do something with it. Much of my work is very feminine; could I stretch my bounds a bit and do this stone justice?

Even though it looks African, the stone is called Mexican Crazy Lace Agate. And I still can't believe that the pattern is actually the stone--not a design that was painted onto it. Crazy? I'd say--Amazing!

I used tiny beads to fabricate the bezel (stone's "frame"). Then I stitched tiny copper-plated glass beads through 14kt gf chain for the remainder of the bracelet cuff. I lined the inside of the bracelet with a soft, suede-like material, which I "invisibly" hand-stitched to the beaded portion of the bracelet.

"Africana" is part of my personal collection and is not for sale. Because this girly-girl just might have a wild side after all. *wink*